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Metal staircases are a popular choice for outdoor spaces due to their extreme versatility, minimal maintenance requirements, and maximum durability. When it comes to designing any outdoor structures, Alummikon Stairs stands as a top choice due to their product’s strength and aesthetic appeal. Custom aluminum stairs can elevate the look of your outdoor area while providing practicality and safety.

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Alummikon Stairs redefine the conventional approach to stair systems with our unique product design. Offering the convenience of 5-20 dregs per run and available in a 100 dreg package, these exterior metal stairs stand out for their simplicity and efficiency. Let's explore what sets Alummikon Stairs apart from the rest in Maine.

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When it comes to enhancing accessibility and aesthetics in residential, commercial, or municipal settings, choosing the right stair manufacturer is crucial. Our commitment as a leading custom stair manufacturer is to provide premium aluminum stairs that blend durability, style, and functionality seamlessly. Let's delve into why Alummikon Stairs stands out as the preferred choice among aluminum staircase manufacturers in Maine.


From Maine To Massachusetts, with Alummikon All-Terrain Stairs You Can Get There From Here.

We had the good fortune to work with the Martha’s Vineyard Land Bank on a massive project, last year, and we’re right back at it again, this year. The accompanying video of this year’s project highlights the process from beginning to end. We are currently meeting with the Bourne, MA Recreation Dept. planning another huge project.

It’s surprising that between the cost of manufacturing, travel and trucking, ferries and food, we’re still able to provide a quality product, expertly installed, for a price that lets customers say, “Yes.”