Alummikon All-Terrain Stairs are made of the finest materials, manufactured to exacting standards, and installed by the most-experienced and most-highly skilled crew in New England.

  • Available Widths – 3′, 4′
  • Available Lengths – Straight sections from 2-20 treads (longer custom sections available).
  • Landing Platform Matching Widths – Available in same widths as stairs (3×3, 4×4). Also available in 5′ and 10′ lengths.
  • Landing Handrails – Matching rails on platforms. Safety mesh rails available.
  • Accessories – Rest Benches, kayak and canoe racks, custom railings, decorative metal work, security and custom gates.
  • Powder Coating – Available in a full pallet of colors and textures.
  • Approx. Weight – 10-15 lbs./tread.
  • Aluminum Alloy – Marine grade 6000 series (606IT6, 6063TG6).
  • Exterior Applications – Steep hills and bluffs, rock faces and cliffs, access to docks, beaches or waterfronts. Deck and porch stairs, marine installations, damp or wet conditions.
  • Interior Applications – Basement or bulkhead access, factories, mills, shipyards, warehouses and other industrial uses.

Alummikon All Terrain Stairs are priced by the cost per step/tread. Decking options include aluminum and vinyl.

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Too determine the cost of a stair system multiply the per-tread price by the number of treads. This price includes all the stairs and rails, railings, pipework, pipe feet, safety caps, and all fasteners.

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