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Small Projects

We developed our first set of stairs for use in our docking systems and they’re still a great accessory. They’re far easier to use than a ladder and are perfect for kids, dogs, and seniors. They’ve made their way into some other applications that they are perfect for as well. Construction companies have been using them as stairs for their office trailers. Other crews are using them as temporary stairs on the job site. Homeowners use them as deck stairs, and combine them with our gangways for safe travel on challenging terrain. Alummikon All-Terrain Stairs are perfect for dozens of other applications in manufacturing and agriculture, too.

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Medium Projects

The majority of our work is medium-sized projects usually for homeowners, waterfront homeowners, municipalities and conservation organizations. Allummikon Stairs offer the durability to last for decades, and their relative affordability makes them a smarter choice than lumber for most applications. They’re light weight, too, so if you’re installing them along an ocean bluff where they may need to be removed and installed each year, it’s good to know you don’t need muscle men to do it. For a minimal fee, we’re available to provide seasonal installation and removal if needed. Our stair systems are available in a full array of powder-coated colors making them rugged and a compliment to any home or landscape.

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Large Projects

Large projects, like these two on Martha’s Vineyard, are tremendously challenging, but Alummikon All-Terrain Stair Systems are the best solution available. We designed and prefabricated everything in our manufacturing facility and our experienced crew did a great job on all the site work. Big projects like these are becoming an ever-increasing part of our business because of the demand for our long-lasting aluminum construction, quick installation, and comparably low cost. We’re returning to the Cape and Islands again, as the work we have done there is regularly generating more inquiries. We are currently serving the Northeast from Long Island to Machias.

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